Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mommy, you so funny!

So, I've never been much of a blogger, but like most of you I wanted to share my mommy stories.

Today was bath day at the Moore household. We like to bathe E every other day, due to her super, ultra sensitive skin. We love bath day. There's nothing cuter in the world to me then my chubby, naked little baby! She loves bath time. As soon as I put her into her whale bath tub she starts a gigglin'. My child absolutely loves to laugh. I sometimes wonder if she's laughing at me because she thinks I'm funny or is it that I'm funny looking to her?! I'll go with the fact that she thinks that I'm hysterical.

Bath time is so great! I feel like it's such a special time for me to bond with her. Yes, I realize that I'm a stay at home mom and I get to spend hours on end with her, but to me there's nothing like giving your baby a bath. I get to cleanse her of her stinky, poopy, spit up smell and get to hear her sweet, sweet laugh. Every time she giggles, it makes my heart melt. She's probably the biggest joy that Jeremy & I have ever experienced in our lives.

She's the easiest baby or so we think! She's usually all smiles and laughs. I never knew that my heart was able to love someone so much. I thank God every day, multiple times a day for that little princess. I feel that babies are true gifts from heaven above. I know that my mom will never get to hold E here on earth, but I truly believe that she got to hold the giggle box before I ever did and I love that! She's my precious angel and I truly cherish every moment we have together... Even the bad ones! I wouldn't change it for anything!